I have set up this blog in an attempt to keep athletes and other interested parties apprised of track and field performances by Scottish Masters which, I feel, is not being given appropriate coverage elsewhere.

I hope to cover notable performances and comment on various Masters Championships both domestic and international in the News page and results in the Results page.  I should stress that I will not be aware of all Scottish athletes competing so please feel free to contact me with details of performances I have missed especially new best performances achieved or corrections/additions to the information provided.

Some readers will be aware that I have maintained unofficial lists of Scottish Masters Best Performances for several years, details of which have been posted on the Scottish Veteran Harriers Club website.  I will continue to send details to S.V.H.C. from time to time but will also update marks on the Best Performance pages on a weekly basis.

As I am new to blogging the site is currently very basic but I hope to improve the presentation as I gain more experience.

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Mike Clerihew

Headlines.  (Full report on News page)

17th June 2019. 

I do not intend to continue with this blog and will post articles and track and field best performances on the Scottish Veteran Harriers website – scottishmastersathletics@webnode.com

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4th April 2019.  World Masters Indoor Championships.

22nd March 2019.  British Masters Indoor T&F Championships and Winter Throws Competition.

3rd March 2019.  Scottish Masters Indoor Combined Championships.

3rd March 2019.  Scottish Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships.

18th September 2018.  World Masters Finale.

16th September 2018.  World Masters Update.

13th September 2018.  World Masters Results From 12th September.

12th September 2018.  Day 7 Of World Masters Champs.

11th September 2018.  Day 6 Update from World Masters Champs.

10th September.  More From World Masters Championships.

8th September 2018.  World Masters Championships Update.

7th September 2018.  World Masters Championships.

3rd September 2018.  British Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

27th July 2018.  Scottish Masters Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

26th March 2018.  European Masters Indoor Championships.

20th March 2018.  British Masters Indoor Championships and Outdoor Throws Competition.

12th February 2018.  Outstanding start to 2018 Indoors.

15th January 2018.  Fiona Matheson improves her own W55 3000m World Record.

11th December 2017.  Track and Field Trophy Winners Update.

18th November 2017.  Track & Field Trophy Winners 2017.

8th September 2017.  BMAF Combined Events and Throws Pentathlon Championships

18th August 2017.  European Masters Track and Field Championships

4th July 2017.  Scottish Masters Outdoor T & F Championships

4th July 2017.  BMAF Outdoor Championships Update.

29th June 2017.  British Masters Outdoor T&F Championships.

25th June 2017.  BMAF Pentathlon win for Bill Lonsdale.

4th April 2017.  Francis Smith.  M35 60m hurdles Scottish Masters Best.

29th March 2017.  World Masters Indoor T & F Championships.

21st March 2017.  British Masters Indoor Championships and Outdoor Throws.

21st March 2017.  Update on Scottish Masters Championships.

19th March 2017.  Scottish Masters Indoor Championships

9th February 2017.  World Record for Fiona Matheson

16th January 2017.  Scottish Masters 3000m Championships

23rd November 2016.  World Masters Addition – Jane Scott

21st November 2016.  World Masters Championships, Perth, Australia