British Masters Outdoor Track & Field Championships 

Alexander Stadium, Birmingham. 25th/26th August 2018 

Performances by Scottish Competitors 

Name Club Age Event Place Perf. 
Clare Barr SVHC W50 400m 2nd 69.03s 
800m 3rd 2.39.72 
Ann Bath SVHC W70 1500m 3rd 8.22.09 SMBP
400m 2nd 2.06.22 SMBP
5000m 1st 29.17.78 SMBP
Liz Bowers SVHC W65 1500m 2nd 6.03.70 
800m 2nd 3.02.90 
James Buchanan SVHC M50 3000m sc 3rd 11.19.41 SMBP
Claire Cameron SVHC W55 discus 1st 26.92m 
hammer 8th 26.19m 
weight 6th 9.72m 
shot 4th 9.06m 
Pete Cartwright SVHC M75 1500m 3rd 6.21.22 
5000m 3rd 25.02.06 
Gillian Cooke SVHC W35 long jump 1st 5.24m 
pole vault 2nd 2.90m 
Jacqui Etherington SVHC W35 2000m sc 1st 7.47.58 
Jozsef Farkas SVHC M35 1500m 1st 4.10.21 
5000m 1st 15.42.70 
Catriona Gentleman NMAC W50 hammer 5th 26.78m 
weight 5th 8.71m 
Bill Gentleman NMAC M75 hammer 1st 33.69m 
weight 2nd 12.58m 
Douglas Graham SVHC M40 pole vault 2nd 4.10m 
Anne Howie SVHC W55 1500m 1st 5.21.76 
400m 3rd 73.95s 
800m 3rd 2.41.63 
Ian Johnston SVHC M50 5000m 5th 16.44.47 
Dean Kane SVHC M35 javelin 4th 19.43m 
1500m 6th 4.39.28 
hammer 2nd 6.58m 
shot 3rd 4.67m 
weight 2nd 3.11m 
Angela Kelly NMAC W55 100m 5th 15.06s 
Gary Leek SVHC M55 100m 7th 13.21s ht 13.11
Stephen Leek SVHC M35 javelin 1st 41.22m 
long jump 3rd 5.75m 
Allan Leiper SCVAC M55 long jump 3rd 4.64m 
discus 11th 31.50m 
high jump 3rd 1.30m 
hammer 6th 30.86m 
pole vault 3rd 3.00m 
shot 3rd 11.17m 
weight 3rd 13.03m 
Will MacGee SCVAC M50 100m 1st 11.65s 
200m dnf 
James Macgregor SVHC M50 high jump 2nd 1.55m 
Gavin McMurray SVHC M50 100m ht 18.64s 
Paul Masterton SVHC M55 high jump 1st 1.46m 
Iain Moody MMAC M55 400m hdls 4th 73.35s 
Grant Ramsay SVHC M45 3000m sc 1st 11.22.03 
Clare Reid SVHC W40 hammer 3rd 30.11m 
shot 2nd 9.60m 
javelin 2nd 16.76m 
discus 2nd 27.82m 
Alan Robertson SVHC M40 100m 3rd 11.57s ht 11.53
200m 2nd 24.06s 
400m 4th 57.01s 
Iain Robertson SVHC M40 800m 3rd 2.05.07 
Andy Ronald SVHC M50 800m 3rd 2.15.88 
1500m 6th 4.39.68 
Jim Sloan NMAC M75 discus 3rd 27.80m 
shot 2nd 9.41m 
James Smith SVHC M70 long jump 2nd 3.83m 
100m 2nd 14.38s 
200m 2nd 30.61s 
triple jump 2nd 7.94m 
Claire Thompson SVHC W40 2000m sc 1st 7.43.75 
Ron Todd SVHC M55 pole vault 1st 3.40m 
Chris Upson SVHC M55 5000m 5th 18.18.60 
Julie Wilson SVHC W50 1500m dnf



European Masters Indoor Championships
Madrid, Spain.  19th – 24th March 2018
Performances by Scottish Competitors
Name Club Age Event Place Perf.
Clare Barr Motherwell W50 800m 6th 2.38.03
5k xc 18th
W40 4 x 200m 7th
Bob Douglas Livingston M60 200m sf 29.83 ht  28.20
400m sf 63.45
4 x 200m 2nd
Jacqui Etherington Cambuslang W35 800m 7th 2.27.22 ht  2.25.01
1500m 11th 5.07.15
3000m 9th 11.06.96
5k xc 12th
xc team 3rd
Benjamin Hands Motherwell M55 800m sf 2.25.55 ht  2.19.15
1500m 5th 4.48.91
5k xc 23rd
xc team 3rd
Phyllis Hands Motherwell W60 800m ht 3.15.68
1500m 6th 6.34.48
3000m 3rd 13.35.40
5k xc 6th
xc team 1st
Archie Jenkins Cambuslang M65 5k xc 24th
Craig Johnston Falkirk M50 800m ht 2.14.96
1500m dnf
Angela Kelly Giffnock North W55 60m ht 9.56
200m sf 33.64
4 x 200m 3rd
Linzi Marsh Pitreavie W40 60m sf 8.99 ht  8.66
200m sf 30.46 ht  28.80
4 x 200m 7th
Robert Phin Ayr M60 60m sf 8.75 ht  8.72
200m ht 29.58
Sharyn Ramage Edinburgh W50 800m ht 2.58.07
1500m 11th 6.04.99
3000m 10th 13.58.85
5k xc 13th
xc team 2nd
Sue Ridley Edinburgh W50 3000m 6th 11.45.97
5k xc 7th
xc team 2nd
Andy Ronald Falkirk M50 800m sf 2.16.07 ht  2.15.45
Brian Scally Shettleston M50 3000m 10th 9.54.18
Bill Skinner Aberdeen M55 60m ht 8.84
200m ht 29.20
400m ht 67.18
TJ 17th 8.89
Jim Sloan Annan M75 Shot 7th 9.77
Discus 9th 27.65
James Smith Motherwell M70 60m sf 9.15 ht  9.02
200m sf 30.29
LJ 6th 3.89
4 x 200m 2nd
Fiona Steele Motherwell W50 60m sf 8.98 ht  8.94
200m sf 29.71 ht 29.11
4 x 200m 3rd
Chris Upson Cambuslang M50 3000m 15th 10.16.39
Colin Welsh Gala M35 800m 8th 2.01.25 sf  2.01.07
Kerry-Liam Wilson Cambuslang M45 3000m 4th 9.13.72



British Masters Track & Field Championships & Winter Throws Competition
Lee Valley, London.  10th/11th March 2018
Performances by Scottish/Scottish Based Competitors
Name Club Age Event Place Perf.
Clare Barr SVHC W50 800m 1st 2.34.66
Gordon Barrie SVHC M45 800m 3rd 2.06.25
1500m 3rd 4.16.97
Alastair Beaton SVHC M35 60m 6th 7.65
200m 4th 24.73
Liz Bowers SVHC W65 800m 1st 3.08.57 SMBP
1500m 1st 6.13.42 SMBP
Andrew Bruce SVHC M45 Javelin 1st 38.33
Jacqui Etherington SVHC W35 1500m 3rd 5.02.88
Carson Graham SVHC M40 60m hdls 4th 9.05 SMBP
HJ 3rd 1.60
LJ 2nd 5.75
Ian Johnston SVHC M50 3000m 1st 9.37.89
Angela Kelly NMAC W55 60m 6th 9.68
200m 6th 34.27
Graham Lay SCVAC M40 Shot 1st 14.03
Hammer 3rd 26.67
Weight 2nd 10.64
Gary Leek SVHC M55 60m 6th 8.19
Stephen Leek SVHC M35 60m 9th 7.81
LJ 3rd 5.65
Discus 2nd 25.64
Javelin 2nd 39.03
John McGarry SVHC M65 60m 2nd 8.54
200m 4th 28.59
Linzi Marsh SVHC W40 60m 3rd 8.37
200m 3rd 28.28
Fiona Matheson SVHC W55 1500m 1st 5.04.19
3000m 1st 10.27.63
Grant Matheson SVHC M55 1500m 10th 5.13.09
3000m 6th 10.50.99
Ian Miller EMAC M80 Shot 1st 9.16
Hammer 2nd 30.94
Weight 2nd 12.23
Iain Moody MMAC M55 60m ht 8.71
400m ht 62.87
60m hdls 3rd 10.57
Robert Phin SVHC M60 60m 5th 8.79
Sharyn Ramage SVHC W55 800m 2nd 2.56.04
1500m 2nd 5.58.65
3000m 2nd 13.26.52
Grant Ramsay SVHC M45 3000m 2nd 9.54.70
Andy Ronald SVHC M50 800m 5th 2.12.60
1500m 3rd 4.35.82
Jim Sloan SVHC M75 Shot 3rd 10.24
Discus 2nd 30.83
James Smith SVHC M70 60m 2nd 9.15
200m 2nd 30.44
LJ 1st 3.92
TJ 2nd 7.97 SMBP
Fiona Steele SVHC W50 60m 3rd 9.06
200m 2nd 29.81
Claire Thompson SVHC W40 1500m 2nd 5.11.18
3000m 2nd 11.03.49
Chris Upson SVHC M50 1500m 6th 4.44.50
3000m 4th 10.11.15
Colin Welsh SVHC M35 800m 2nd 2.00.74 SMBP
Julie Wilson SVHC W50 800m 3rd 2.36.44
1500m 2nd 5.21.87



European Masters Track and Field Championships
Aarhus, Denmark.  July 27th to August 6th 2017
Performances by Scottish Competitors
Name Club Age Event Place Perf. Comments
Clare Barr Motherwell W45 800m ht 2.39.59
Fiona Davidson Aberdeen W40 Long Jump 2nd 5.21
Triple Jump 1st 11.39 SMBP
Bob Douglas Livingston M60 100m ht 13.82
200m ht 28.21
400m 8th 61.63 sf 61.42
4 x 400m 1st
Alastair Dunlop Kirkintilloch M60 400m ht 65.96
800m 2nd 2.22.89
1500m 7th 4.59.80
Tony Golabek Inverness M35 3000m sc 5th 11.08.06
Benjamin Hands Motherwell M55 1500m dnf
Phyllis Hands Motherwell W60 800m 9th 3.09.14
1500m 6th 6.26.51
4k xc 4th 16.46
Archie Jenkins Cambuslang M60 1500m ht 6.50.03
4k xc 16th 18.36
Dean Kane Inverness M35 1500m ht 4.22.98
4k xc 13th 12.32
Angela Kelly Giffnock North W55 100m ht 15.54
200m ht 33.85
Allan Leiper Aldershot, M55 Shot 4th 12.75
Farnham & Dist Pole Vault 12th 3.20
Decathlon dnf
Eddie McKenzie Aberdeen M50 Decathlon 13th 4290pts
Iain Moody Pitreavie M55 400m hdls 4th 66.19
Alison Murray VP Glasgow W50 Pole Vault 1st 2.90
Grant Noble Dunbar RC M55 800m 9th 2.18.16
1500m 8th 4.43.47
Robert Phin Ayr Seaforth M60 100m ht 13.71
200m ht 28.66
Alan Robertson Motherwell M40 200m 6th 23.40 sf 23.22
4 x 100m 1st
Brett Rund Edinburgh M40 400m 1st 51.12
4 x 100m 1st
Brian Scally Shettleston M50 1500m ht 4.33.27
10000m 14th 37.39.91
Darren Scott St Helens Sutton M45 200m 1st 23.24 sf 23.19
4 x 100m 1st
4 x 400m 2nd
Jim Sloan Annan M75 Shot 7th 9.61
Discus 8th 27.56
Fiona Steele Motherwell W50 200m 6th 29.14
4 x 100m 1st
Claire Thompson VP Glasgow W40 5000m 3rd 19.14.04
2k sc 1st 7.41.04
4k xc 3rd 13.54
Kerry Liam Wilson Cambuslang M45 5000m 2nd 15.39.14
half marathon 2nd 71.49